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제목 Deric Ellerby씨의 EUF Lavanchy Award 수상
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Deric Ellerby씨의 EUF Lavanchy Award 수상

어제 독일에서 기쁜 소식이 전해졌습니다.
현재 다이빙 교육단체의 국제자격으로 인정되는 ISO(국제표준화기구)의 다이빙 인증 및 심사 기관으로써 그 영향력을 인정받고 있는 EUF(유럽수중연맹)에 의해 올해 신설된 상에 데릭 엘러비씨가 첫 수상의 영예를 얻었습니다. 이번 수상은 EUF 설립 그리고 ISO 보급에 앞장선 일이 인정되어 수상하게 된 것입니다.
데릭 엘러비와 BSAC korea와의 밀접한 관계와 인연을 고려할 때, 이번 수상은 우리에게도 축하할 일이 아닐 수 없습니다.

데릭은 2월 22일에 있을 BSAC Japan 30주년 기념식에 참석할 것이며, 이후에 2월 23일부터 진행될 BSAC Korea의 내셔날 인스트럭터 과정에 평가관으로 참가할 예정입니다.

다음의 글은 EUF 관계자가 이번 수상에 대하여 작성한 글입니다.

The EUF Lavanchy Award is presented for the first time

On 22 January 2017 the EUF Lavanchy Award was presented for the first time to Deric Ellerby. Mark Caney, the President of the EUF gave Deric the prestigious award in the diving section of the Düsseldorf Boat Show. Mark said, “Deric is a very deserving first recipient of the award. He and Jack set up the EUF and he has long served as its General Secretary. He has worked tirelessly for the benefit of divers, including being very active in the creation of European and ISO diving standards. Deric is a well-known figure in the European diving scene and has been a leading figure in the BSAC for many years.”
The award is presented annually by the European Underwater Federation. The award is presented to honour the vision of diving pioneer Jack Lavanchy, a former honorary vice president of the EUF, who was personally instrumental in the initial development and growth of European recreational diving. During his lifetime, Jack worked tirelessly to try to and persuade the members of the diving community to work together for the good of the sport and the benefit of divers everywhere.
The Lavanchy Award is presented annually to an individual who has made a significant and sustained contribution towards the responsible development of the European diving community.

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